Order Ants for your Antworks

Get your Western Harverster Ants for the AntWorks®Habitat or any ant farm? 

We suggest  MINIMUM Shipping priority mail with a Heat Pack- Cold Pack.

Regular live ants will not work in the gel habitat due to their size and they will not burrow like harvester ants will .  Now in regular ant farms by Uncle Milton you will be able to try other varieties just make sure they are all from the same colony and large.

Small ants you find outside can escape the the air-holes of the antworks habitat so please do not put them in the kit or you may wake up an unhappy camper.




Temp Its COLD

It is hot here and we know your insects and bugs may not appreciate that But you as an educated consumer should have the option to choose what is best for you.

With shipping live ants or any other live animal there is always a risk of death.  To minimize loss during transit we highly suggest shipping with at least a Cold pack AND priority shipping during the summer months. 

What we need you to do.  Check out your weather and the zones the live bugs will be crossing.  Our insects come from CA and MO.  Thats a long distance.  Typically MO  Both places do get hot though.  Either way it is up to you do you think they need a cold pack and priority shipping. 

Take into consideration GROUND SHIPPING = 7 days and thats not counting the weeking so it could be even 9.  Yep.
Priority 1-3 days and they deliver on Sat.  On to the cold packs for our bugs.  This really does help insure live survival in temps above 72.  This is why it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED as well.

Well the choice is yours but we hope you make the right one that fits your needs.


Live ants 1

Live Ants
ants live 1 order

We ship our ants out super fast on Monday Tues and Wednesday.

Our live ants are premium quality but we do suggest the cold pack and the priority shipping to get them to you quicker and in better condition.  Buy live red harvester ants for your Uncle Milton ant farms or Fascinations Antworks habitats

2 orders Harvester ants

Live ants
2 orders live ants

Approximately 40-50 live harvester ants for ant farms including Uncle Milton, Insect Lore, and Fascinations

This is a double bundle of these little critters.  These Harvester ants can be used in all ant farms and are the ideal size for proper space age gel assimilation.

Works in uncle milton ant farms all sizes as well as Other brands such as facinations antworks habitats

Live Ants for Canadian customer ONLY

Approximately 25  harvester ants are included in this sale price. 
If you are looking for Bulk wholesale red ants please let us know.