antworks use

Farm Ant Habitat Only

Just that the Farm AntWorks ® Habitat.
This is includes all of the essentials besides the ants of course.  The antworks habitat is a pretty neat invention that will amaze you we are sure

We call this our barebones kit antworks . as it is the standard issue unit.
This was the first Fascinations Nasa Space age Gel live ant farm Colony



AntWorks Farm Ant Habitat NO LED


AntWorks™  Habitat

 AntWorks ®Magnifying Glass
 Extreme Zoom Lens
 Ant Catching/Tunnel Starter Tool

AntWorks farm ®habitat Instruction Booklet with Interesting Facts About Ants
Be sure to purchase the ants for the toy below  Reqular small ants will not work!!!

Dim 6.5"L x 5.5"W x 1.25"D Ground SHIPPING 6.99