Antworks Illuminated

The Antworks Illuminated This is the combo set of the AntWorks ®plus the illuminator = the ILLUMINATED. 

 You get both of these in this great combo set.  Be sure to pick up some ants while you are @ it!!!

AntWorks Illuminated

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This new version of AntWorks ®is the Illuminated 

The AntWorks ®illuminated  is extremely cool because it comes with a blue led light so you can watch the ants tunnel in the dark! This cool ant filled habitat is based upon a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how ants successfully tunnel in microgravity. The AntWorks ®blue gel is complete with nutrients to promote healthy growth in the new habitat colony. Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious, and non-toxic gel as they create series upon series of intricate tunnels. Enjoy hours of fascinating fun and educational excitement as you watch your AntWorks®architecture evolve! No food or watering required

  • Unique, self-contained environment for ants
  • Watch ants create 3-D tunnels in the gel
  • AntWorks® illuminated Packaging includes:
    • Habitat + Space Age Nutrient Gel
    • Bright Blue LEDs illuminate the bottom of The habitat to Highlight Tunnels
    • Magnifying Glass
    • Ant Catching / Tunnel Starter Tool
    • Instructions / Interesting Facts About Ants
    • 110v or 220v Power Adapter
  • Ants NOT but we have a bpackage below that does have them


What a great combo here you get both the antworks habitat+ illuminator= AntWorks®ILLUMINATED



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Live Ants
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