Antworks Habitat, Antworks colors of Life and Live Ants for sale

Facinations AntWorks ® Habitat and Illuminated and Colors of life Ant farm are great inventions. AntWorks® Habitat and Tunnelvision and the illuminated are modeled after a NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in outer space & test how animals and ants successfully tunnel in micro gravity. the AntWorks® was conceived.. The habitat has a blue Gel is complete with nutrients to promote healthy growth in the new ant colony. NO FOOD OR WATER NEEDED for these out of this world Space Age Products. The AntWorks® toy is ideal for all ages and school Science projects. Teachers love these. Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they create series upon series of intricate tunnels throughout the unit. WE DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY the habitat and illuminator and illuminated and Tunnelvision. This is a great Item for Foss Science kits and educational for all!! Purchase Live Ants In STOCK WARNING FREE SHIPPING ON MANY PRODUCTS IN EFFECT* If your order does not have livestock it will ship daily M-F see terms Try the new colors of life if you like green Scroll below for more pics Short Antworks Descriptions Easier Navigation ( Suggested) Long Discription Harder navigation By starting with 20-25 ants purchased from our store, you can watch as they build a detailed network of tunnels. This is ideal to have in your bedroom, kitchen or living room or office desk.. AntWorks® Illuminator get it here. Index

We now offer the most amazing ant farm you've ever seen, the AntWorks® Habitat and Illuminated and you can buy live ants directly from us. . The blue gel in the farm is a nutrient and water source that the ants live on while they tunnel through the same medium creating. 3d art that will amaze you. Try the new colors of life if you like a variety of colors It is clear enough that you can see through the entire farm, not just the tunnels against the clear walls. Kit comes with magnifying glass, tunnel starter tool, instructions and an interesting fact book about ants. This product is not only educational but amazing to watch. AntWorks® habitat + illuminated and Colors of life is great for Foss Teaching as well as other science school and teaching activities. AntWorks®habitat and Illuminator and clear gel multi led Color of lifebrings you an exciting and educational experience of an evolving ant colony in a safe and secure enclosure.. These great Nasa educational toys will amaze your friends and family. Be sure to check out our other great AntWorks ® habitat and illuminator products and school science kits and other school projects(Foss).